With the continued development of NBdomain, we got a lot of requests to register NBdomain with easy to remember names.

Today, we proudly announce. The sunrise period of trademark domains are over. Now, anyone is free to register any domain names. We will also open domain names that is longer than 3 characters.

Please note, we don’t encourage domain squatting. Please only register the domain names that you will use personally.

More importantly, the NBdomain community are building unique dApps that will utilize the power of NBdomain with the blockchain technology. Please stay tuned.

If you are interested in NBdomain, you can join us:

User group: https://t.me/nbdomain

Developer group: https://t.me/nb_dev

As permanent as diamond

Since we started the alpha test of NBdomain, the blockchain domain for everyone, people keep asking one question “How do I make sure I really own the domain?”

User does not own traditional domains

Let's look at traditional domain names, which you have to renew on a yearly basis. Can we say we really own our…


Blockchain Domain + Global ID + Updatbale DataStore

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