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After a busy and challenging 9 months of work, we are happy to announce that the first TLD on NBdomain protocol — .B is launched.

Anyone who wants to register a .B domain can go to to get your favorite domains or get a free domain.

Since it’s relatively new, here are some notes we would love to add,

  1. All .B domains are permanent. Once it’s registered, it belongs to you, no one, even the creator like us, can take it from you.
  2. It also means if something goes wrong, it cannot be undone. We decide to take an approach to gradually release the domains to the market. The 7 characters and the above domains will be released at first. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.
  3. We will try our best to protect trademarks by reserve these domains for 6 months. If you are the owner of the trademark, you can approach us to claim the related domain of your trademark.
  4. Because NBdomain utilizes some advanced bitcoin transaction features, not all wallets can support NBdomain registration yet. Currently, there are 3 wallets you can use to register and manage NBdomain.
    * Maxthon VBox ( which is included in Maxthon Browser 6 beta )
    * Volt Wallet ( )
    * Dot Wallet ( )
    We are working with more wallet vendors to enable NBdomain features.
  5. We are working with the BSV community to extend NBdomain features to more apps, stay tuned.

Our goal is to reInvent the Internet and bring more freedom to the users. NBdomain is the beginning of the next stage.

Feel free to join the movement. We can be contacted via telegram or Twitter

Blockchain Domain + Global ID + Updatbale DataStore

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